Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Superior Fall Trail Race (100MI, 50MI and 26.2 MI) – we could not put on such a great event without your help!  Listed below are the steps to volunteering at the Superior Trail Race – please read:




1.) Study the volunteer section and the rest of the website to learn as much as you can about the Superior Trail Race (100MI, 50MI and 26.2 MI – this will help to make you a knowledgeable resource for the runners.


 2.) Once you are ready to commit to volunteering you can go to the volunteer signup page and enter your information.  Please be sure to fill out everything completely paying special attention to provide us with the times   that you are available, this will help us to determine where and when we should plan to use you.  Besides race weekend, we need help marking the trail on Thursday and at the 100 mile pre-race meeting on Thursday Night.

  3.) After registering as a volunteer your name will appear on the “Volunteer List“.  Sometime after you have registered we will assign you a volunteer position – this may happen right away or may not happen until a week before the race so sit tight and check back from time to time.  Once assigned, your assignment information will show up on the “Volunteer Assignments” page – keep in mind you may be doing more than one job.   We may contact you to work out some details prior to an assignment being made and keep in mind that this information is subject to change leading up to the race – final assignments should be available about a week before the race but are subject to change right up until race day so please check a few days prior just to see if anything has changed.

4.) Once you have been assigned a position you can learn more in the Volunteer Resources section – there is detailed information here, most of it pertaining to working at aid-stations.  The information here will help to get you to the right place on race day, make recommendations for what you should bring, what to expect etc.


If for some reason it turns out you cannot make it, please contact us – we cannot have people signed up and not showing, the success of the race depends upon everyone’s commitment!  If you have any questions at any point in the process, please feel free to contact us and again, thank you!