Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon


I just want to thank you for an awesome experience from start to finish. The aid stations that you coordinate are amazing & were a very large part of my finishing my first ever 100 mile race. Thank you again. – Ron B.
 THANK YOU again for an amazing weekend up north. You, Cheri, and the army of people you have behind you are incredible. John H.
 Had a great time this past weekend. I need to spend more time on real trails and not just farm roads – specificity in training takes on new meaning on obstacle course trails like that, but it was a blast and much more fun than a “tame” trail. Tame is easy to find, not so much a beautiful wildish single-track like that. Just need to learn to pick my feet up (Rock… steady… run some more, repeat). Thanks for the opportunity. Organization was top-notch, volunteers fantastic, artwork world-class! – Robert N.
 Thank you so much for putting on an excellent event! First trail race in MN and I’ll definitely keep your races on my radar; and I’ll need to try this marathon again (or the 50). – Ken
 John Storkamp is the best race director in the world!  And the SHT races have the best volunteers in the world! They are “saints”… They helped me achieve my successful journey across the MMM course… I will remember this forever…. THANK YOU ! – Fred W.
 Not much else can be said but I’ll repeat. My first 50, Awesome experience. Awesome volunteers. Awesome well run race. Phenomenally brutal and rewarding trail. An experience I’ll never forget. – Steven S.
 I wanted to just say thank you to everyone that help in any way to put this event on. I was told by a friend that has run with you before that everyone in this race is treated like family, and I have to say he was understating it. This was my first for both a trail race and a marathon, and I have to say after this experience it will not be my last. – Chris W.
 I don’t know how to express how AWESOME of an experience I had at this race. My “lows” were nothing I could ever have imagined and the “highs” can’t be described by words. Thank You John and your crew!! Thank You volunteers!!! Please tell the 3 dudes that were sweeping up to Finland (I think that’s right) THANK YOU!! They were awesome and I Frickin turned it around from there and finished 63rd!! YEAH!!! What a weekend!! THANK YOU!!!!!! – Shane P.
 Big thanks to all the volunteers, especially the 3 sweepers, Pat, Seth, and Eve(? I think that was the nice lady’s name) who put me back together when I was crashed and were nice enough to impart some of their experience and wisdom to me on the walk out. Didn’t accomplish what I set out to, but met some fantastic people and maybe learned enough to get it next year. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Also the folks at the aid station where my wife was waiting (and waiting …) for me. She said you were great. First class folks all around. – Ben B.
 John and all your many, many friends and family (blood, marriage, trail) who showed up to volunteer, crew, pace, run: thank you thank you, thank you for such a wonderful weekend. It’s so fun to be a part of such a great communal happening and it’s hard to think of a more happening happening than this one. The blisters, bruises and toenails will be gone soon enough but the memories last a lifetime.  I’m the guy who says Woo! I had such a blast. – Kevin L.
 Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to put on this race and take such amazing care of all the runners. Thank you to my friends and family who changed my socks, cooked me food, and supported me throughout the day. I met more than a few amazing people on the trail who made me laugh, gave me advice, cured my cramps, and helped me to my feet when I could barely stand. I was unable to make the time cutoff at Country Road 6 after roughly 15 hours of trudging through the heat. I’m already counting down the days until next year to avenge my DNF. Congratulations to all runners! - Jake H.

 Thanks to all you amazing volunteers who made the race possible, fun and encouraged every runner along the way! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces volunteering at each aid station. We runners couldn’t have done it without you on a tough hot day (or two for those 100 milers)! – Jay S.

 Dear John and all amazing race volunteers, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for putting on such a wonderful event. Your passion, positive energy, and sincerity are without equal. I’ve never been to a race so well organized and where the volunteers did such an amazing job of taking care of the runners. Their efforts were nothing less than heroic. Although the race didn’t turn out for me the way that I had hoped, I can\’t say enough great things about all of you. I hope to give it another try in the future! I wish you all the best and a great fall and winter.  Best Wishes, Guy C.