Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon


Thank you to our awesome volunteer photographers and others who have contributed – if you have a set from past years, please share it with us.  If you would like to hone your photography skills with us, please sign up to volunteer and come shoot for a day or two – the runners really appreciate it  (we ask that you have a place to host your photos and just share a link with us).

Zach Pierce
Todd Rowe Part 1
Todd Rowe Part 2
Kelly Doyle Part 1
Keyyl Doyle Part 2
Kelly Doyle – Temperance Wide Angle


Superior Trail Races
Todd Rowe

Kendra Nordgren
Jay Sieling
Alison Carda
Aloysia Elly Power

Jake Haugen
Londell Pease
Eve Stein – Beaver Bay
Eve Stein – Oberg
Scott Mark
Zach Pierce
Eric Forseth

Zach Pierce

Zach Pierce

Zach Pierce