Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon


The Superior 100, 50 and 26.2 take place in the Sawtooth Mountain Range on the north shore of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota!  This makes running one of the Superior Trail Races not only a great running experience but a great experience all around.  Getting to this rugged, remote and wild country is fairly easy.  Caribou Highlands Lodge in Lutsen Minnesota is the official race host lodge and offers many different types of lodging accommodations   Approximate drive times are from the following locations to Caribou Highlands Lodge.


The easiest and probably the cheapest airport to fly into is Minneapolis International Airport (MSP), there are many lodging and care rental options right at / near the airport.  Drive distance / time from MSP International to Caribou Highlands is approximately 250 Miles / 4.5 Hours.

A secondary airport you can fly into is Duluth International Airport.  You will most likely connect through MSP / Minneapolis International but there may be some direct flights.  Drive distance / time from Duluth International to Caribou Highlands is approximately 122 miles / 2 hours.

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