Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon

A New Year on the SHT

It’s a new year and registration for the 2012 Superior 100, 50 and Moose Mountain Marathon is less than one month away.  Registration opens March 8th 2012 – detailed information regarding registration can be found HERE .  Interest is at an all time high and we expect to be pushing the field limits for all distances again this year. A lot of people are already signed up for the Spring Races including many of you who have ambitions to complete the 100 & 50 this fall – running the Spring Races is a great way to get some time in on the trail and see the last few sections of the Fall Races!  We have a lot of other exciting things in the works so stay tuned to the Blog and our Facebook page for more info, news, updates, stories etc.

A big focus for us this year is going to be giving some more exposure and trying to drive some traffic to and get some new members for the Superior Hiking Trail Association.  See the promo on the right hand side of the website?  Also, there is  a prominent SHTA section on the sponsors page.  We have always run the Superior Trail Races for enjoyment, personal achievement and to compete – we have also always put these races on to make a contribution to the Superior Hiking Trail  and with the unveiling of the new website, we are making our intentions known that now is the time to redouble our efforts and sharpen our focus on doing whatever we can to help to contribute to and improve the Superior Hiking Trail.  Please become a member or make a contribution and find some time to volunteer with the SHTA.  Also, be sure to let it be known that you are a trail-runner!  Even though running on the SHT requires your head to be down a good portion of the time, we love, experience and enjoy the trail as much as anybody out there – lets make a statement as a group / as trail runners, that we are here to do what it takes to sustain and improve the trail for generations to come.

Trail Runners - Please join the Superior Hiking Trail Association and help maintain the SHT.  It costs less than one race entry fee!  Click HERE to join online now!