Superior Fall Trail Races Ultra Marathon

100 Mile BETA

Use a combination of typing search words into the search box along with sorting the columns by clicking on the table headers.  Example – Search a year and sort by time to see who finished where on a give year or search a name to see how many finishes a person has, then sort by time to see in ascending or descending order their fastest and slowest  finishing times. You could also search ‘NEW’ then sort by time to see the fastest times run on the current course – the options are almost infinite so play around with it. Note that “Old” represents races on the old / pre-2005 course (faster course), and that “New” represents times post-2005 which is the tougher modern-day course, also note that there was no 100 mile race held in 2005.  Fin# represents what number finish was achieved for a given individual for a given year.  Total is the current total number of finishes held by a given runner.  Note that much of the data going back was very fragmented and certain data is missing from the tables.  Please feel free to email us with corrections or additions.

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